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Fill out our online form so we can assist you to continue to live well at the comfort of your own home, one of our team members will be  in contact with you shortly after.



We have a management team that will work closely with you to make sure that you are receiving  the appropriate care that meets the goals as set in your care plan

Click on the link below to start receiving support from our professional and qualified team.


Assistance with  daily life

This considers what your loved one will need to maintain their independence during the day

Assistance with household tasks 

Domestic assistance around the house to maintain a clean living environment & independence

Assistance with travel and transport

Transport services such as shopping, medical appointments etc

Assistance with shared living activities

Focuses on developing and enhancing domestic skills that allow clients to live autonomously

Social & community participation

Attending social community events is key for personal happiness and growth

Assistance with group centre based activities

support to engage in community, social, or recreational activities


  • What does In-Home Care mean?
    In-Home Care means you will be attending the client's own home address. This may be indepdently or as part of a buddy/mentor service. Most of our client's live alone or with a partner who may, or may not, be present at the service.
  • Will I be attending the services on my own?
    In short, the answer is yes. More often than not, you will be attending the client's home independently. If you are new to the company and industry, we may organise a buddy/mentor shift for the first few services until you feel confident alone. If you are undertaking one of our placement programmes, you will be assisnged to a buddy/mentor service until your placement is complete.
  • How long will I be with each client?
    Each service varies in their length. Service times can range from 1 hour to overnight stays. On average, our day services range between 1-4 hours with one client
  • How many clients will I attend a day?
    The number of clients that you attend a day depends on the services you have been allocated in your individual roster.
  • How do I travel between clients?
    Although our staff memebers prefer to use their own vehicle to travel between clients, public transport is also available for those who dont own their own veihicle.
  • What types of services will I be performing?
    Services are allocated depending on your experience, skills and qualifications. As a Home Care Support Worker you may be attendning services such as: Personal Care, Companionship & socialiastion, meal preperation, domestic assistance and Transport. Take a look at the services page to become familiar with the services that we provide.
  • What equipment will I need for each service?
    Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE) is provided to all staff to comply with infection control policies and procedures. You will be given hand sanitiser, Latex gloves, shoe protectors, face masks, apronts etc.
  • Will I recieve training?
    We proivde further education and training to help you improve and develop new skills. The training can consists of inital inductions, online interactive courses and goverment directives training.
  • Where will my services be located?
    Services are located in the Sydeny region with majority of services being performed in the Sydney Metropolitanarea, Sutherland Shire, St George area, Inner West, Eastern suburbs and Northen Sydeny.
  • Do I need experience to work with Gold Care Home Services?
    We encourage all applicants with genuine care, compassion and skills in the Aged Care Industry to apply for any vacant positions available. Experience is not necessary as we would guide and provide you with the assistance and experience requiered to become a professional in the field.
  • Does Gold Care Home Services accept International Visa Holders?
    Absolutely! As long as you have valid Australian working rights and strong English Language skills (both written and verbally) you can apply for a job with Gold Care Home Services. We encourage everyone, from all walks of life to apply for a position in our company. We believe every individual has the ability to bring something unique and valuable to our company.
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