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Aged Care assessment online - 3 Quick steps

The Australian Government Department of Health has made some changes to the My Aged Care online portal.

Before you can access government-subsidised aged care services such as Home Care Package's for the first time, you need to apply for an assessment. Using the online application has become easier and it will only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

It’s the same form to apply for all types of care and support – including help at home, short-term care, and care in an aged care home.

You can complete the application yourself or on behalf of a family member or friend. If you’d like to set up an ongoing representative, you can also do that in the Aged Care Portal

There are three parts to the application

  1. Checking you are eligible

  2. Captures your details

  3. Confirmation of who the assessor should call to arrange the assessment.

You will need your Medicare card and enough time to complete the assessment.


For further information regarding Aged Care Packages and eligibility please visit:

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