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Benefits of working as a Home Care Support Worker for the Aged Care and NDIS Community!

Whether you are new to the sector and looking for your first job, returning to the workforce or you are currently in a similar role and are looking for a boost of morale and/or career shift, be sure to read on. In this article we will list some of the key reasons our team, and many others working in similar roles, love Home Care, Aged Care and the NDIS Industry!

Wide array of career opportunities and Job Security

Some of the best industries to work in at the moment include the Home Care industry, this is due to the huge increase in demand for Home Care over the past decade. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reported that during the 2020–21 financial year, the number of people using home care had increased by 245% since 2011 - from approximately 51,000 people in 2011 to approximately 176,000 people. This number is only set to continue as our Ageing population continues to grow. This means that your chances of finding a position in the Home Care Sector are high and your role is secure!

What do you need to become a Home Care Support Worker?

  • Qualifications in Aged Care, Individual Support, Nursing and/or equivalent - often you can find roles with all levels of qualifications. Some organisations will also enable you to start without a qualification but a willingness to learn is a must!

  • Access to your own vehicle or reliable public transport - this is to enable you to travel between your care recipients, going from one home to another. Most organisations pay for your KM between care recipients and some even pay for your time in which you spend traveling!

  • Kind, patient and caring nature to provide a high quality service!

  • Commitment to ongoing learning and personal development!

Plentiful opportunities for Career Growth

Your Career Development Opportunities expand far and wide in the Home Care Industry! If you are willing to work hard, eager to learn and study, and show your reliability in an organisation, you have the opportunity to move into various different positions as having on-the-job experience as a Home Care Support Worker is highly advantageous. Roles that that different organisations offer include:

  • Registered Nurse

  • Clinical Care Manager

  • Case Manager

  • Scheduling

  • HR and Recruitment

  • Marketing and Events

  • Managerial Roles (Operations Manager)

  • And more!

A Sense of Purpose / Making a Difference

Home Care is established in order to assist Care Recipients in staying independent in their homes, by attending your shift and providing a genuinely caring and high quality service, you become the reason they are able to continue living independently in their home. After every service, you will be able to go home with the knowledge that you have made a positive impact to the quality of life of your clients. The care you provide to people on a daily basis will be valued, appreciated and vital to sustaining their quality of life.

Job Flexibility

Home Care Services can occur every hour of every day - unlike other roles which require you to be present between 9am-5pm. This means you are able to advise your employer of the times and days you can work and fill these times with services as much as possible.

It is important to be mindful of the industry you are working in, many client's need these services, so frequently changing your availability can be difficult for your team.

Building fulfilling relationships

Home Care roles are of a highly personal nature, you often see your client's every week (or more) enabling you to build strong and meaningful connections with the people you are supporting as well as their close family and friends. You also gain a new sense of gratitude and value of social connections with others, you may transfer this appreciation to your personal lives too!

Working in aged care you have the opportunity to interact with so many different people who have led fascinating and impressive lives. More often than not, the people you are caring for are extremely grateful for the work you do and are genuinely happy to see you. Nothing is more rewarding than being met by a warm smile from someone whose life you have helped make better.

Are you interested in applying for a Home Care Support Worker Role?

Working for Gold Care Home Services mean's working for a company that cares about you. We offer a range of organisational rewards and benefits including; paid travel time and KM, Bonuses, regular paid training and 24/7 on-call team.

Join Gold Care Home Services team today!

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