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5 things quality Support Workers have

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Are you a quality support worker?

A common saying I hear as a recruiter for support workers is “I’m not getting enough

services.” In an industry that is in dire need of workers that sentence simply should not exist.

Agencies and providers are on the hunt for quality support who are there to provide the best

care possible for their clients. So what does a high quality support worker have? What sets

apart a high quality support worker from all other support workers?

1 - They have a genuine love for people which shines through their personality and


Working in a profession with vulnerable people is not an easy job and it is not for everyone.

There are many personality traits needed to be a support worker but the traits we often find

in quality support workers are; compassion, empathy, patience, encouraging, positive

attitude, attention to details, reliability, punctuality, trustworthiness, honesty and

responsibility. These qualities can help create an environment where the client feel

comfortable with receiving care and support, as they feel genuinely supported and cared for.

2 - They have strong communication skills

When a client or their loved one requests a specific support worker for a service, it’s

generally because the support worker is a quality support worker. The feedback received

about the quality support worker is that they have fantastic communication and are reliable.

A quality support worker is someone who prepares for their shift by reading case notes and

understanding what is requested in the service. They are a support worker who listens to

their clients' changing needs and takes time to understand what kind of care the client is

searching for by building a professional working relationship consisting of open


A quality support worker always uses clear communication with their employer about;

services, compliance, progress notes, incident reports, notice for leave requests and any

change to personal circumstances that may affect their work. In our profession there is no

such thing as over communication!

3 - They are dedicated to training, learning and developing their profession and


We are in an industry that is ever changing, meaning that there are always new processes

and way for things to be done efficiently. It is important to ask yourself, are you keeping up

with the industry as it changes?

A quality support worker’s knowledge and training are valuable things within their role. The

quality of training and development is often shown by the quality of service the client

receives. Never take on a service for a skill that you haven’t been trained on! Don’t be afraid

to ask your employer for extra courses or if there is any new industry related training they

could recommend for you upskill!

4 - They are able to adaptable to change and new situations

Working with people in general, means that no two days will be the exact same. People’s

moods change, life situations change and quality of health changes which can affect the way

they act from day to day. Being a quality support worker means that you can adapt your

skillset to the situation that is in front of you. You may have a client who has dementia and is

passive one day but agitated the next. You will need to be able to adapt the service to

accommodate the client's situation and needs on that specific day.

A quality support worker can remain calm and roll with the changes!

5 - They always show respect, dignity and inclusivity

The role of a support worker is to support someone with their daily living activities. It can be

daunting for a client to invite a stranger into their home to help them with their everyday

basic needs. As a support worker you will meet clients who may have different cultural

backgrounds, sexuality, and beliefs to you. Respect, dignity, and inclusivity should be at the

core of the support worker-client relationship.

A quality support worker takes the time to build the rapport to understand more about their

client and how to create a mutual relationship that upholds respect, inclusivity, and dignity. If

a client has a different cultural background or beliefs to you, take a couple of minutes to

google gestures of respect from their culture. It’s the little details like this that takes a support

worker from “just a support worker” to a quality support worker.

If you are interested in becoming a support worker or have any questions about a support

worker role with Gold Care Home Services, please contact


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